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All your expenses in your Enterprise Social Network: Captio integrates with Zyncro

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We’re delighted to be able to release this news before the end of the year, the first year of Captio as a project.

It’s about Captio’s first integration with another platform, a platform that shares so much of our philosophy on how our work with enterprises should be evolving, and how we can make our processes even more efficient.

Captio is integrating with Zyncro, the enterprise social network. Zyncro has been among the fastest growing Spanish Internet companies in recent years – launched in 2009, it now has branches in Mexico, US, Brazil, Japan and elsewhere. It offers a 2.0 professional collaboration environment, a platform designed for better communication and group work for businesses. But this integration is only the first news – there’s more to come: Zyncro will also be Captio’s first partner. There’s so many synergies to exploit between our two platforms and we’re looking forward to doing great things together next year.

Starting now, Zyncro users can bring all their information from Captio to their environment. This means they can use all Captio’s automatic information recognition to incorporate it into any flow defined in Zyncro. How?

  1. It captures an image of the receipt or ticket using Captio. This is automatically uploaded to the app to create an expenses report, which you can configure so the capture also uploads directly to Zyncro.
  2. From Captio, it groups your ticket captures into a report and sends it to Zyncro.
  3. Zyncro:
  • Keeps the reports or captures in a group defined for the purpose
  • Manages, downloads or updates documents and reports
  • Creates work flows to check, edit or modify reports

Watch the video to see it in action!



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