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One less thing to worry about

Say goodbye to the manual tasks of managing travel expenses. Digitalise theprocess with our platform.

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Capturing expenses

Capture your expenses through the app.

Once they are saved, you can get rid of those annoying little receipts.

Creation of expense reports

Link Captio to your payroll system, your ERP or through SEPA files.

Receive your team’s expense reports and monitor them from your computer or from your mobile.

Reimbursement of expenses

Finish the process with your company’s reimbursement tools.

Link Captio to your payroll system, your ERP or through SEPA files.

Your day to day work is better than ever with our tools

Travel expenses can be a big headache both for the people who generate them and for the teams that manage them. Captio accompanies you on both sides of the whole process

Dia a dia

Bank reconciliation

Automatically match every payment made with your businesscards with every expense made.

International VAT

Take advantage of VAT recovery processes by automating themwith Captio no matter where you are.

Módulo SII

Envia tus gastos automáticamente a la AEAT y cumple con el Suministro Inmediato de Información.


Creates different mileage groups depending on the type of traveller orhabitual routes.


Synchronise and control your team’s travel requests in a single click.

Automatic alerts

Centralise travel requests from your user panel and connect withyour trusted agency.

Integrate expense management with the rest of yourcompany’s existing systems

We integrate with any of your tools, ERP or CRM that you use in your day to daywork.

These are our main functionalities

Designed to help you throughout the whole process


Upload digital expenses

Users can upload any expenses received in digital format, usually via email and/or in pdf format, to their Captio account in two ways: by uploading the pdf or by forwarding via email.

Management of per diems

Per diems function as a category. Create, assign and manage per diems according to your company’s needs.

Custom fields

With this functionality, users can be asked for more information when reporting expenses, generating reports or requesting trips.


Payment methods

Difference between reimbursable expenses (cash, own card) or non-reimbursable expenses (corporate card) to facilitate settlement.

High fidelity automatic reading

Expenses are captured with the mobile camera; our technology will convert the image into text to digitalise the information.


You can also send all your travel expenses from your scanner or all-in-one printer straight to your Captio account.

Request advance payments

Users can request advances for their travel expenses.

Management of mileage expenses

Mileage costs are calculated automatically when the route is entered. You can set up common routes to make it even easier to allocate the expense.

Classification with categories

To make it easier to post and classify expenses, you can create as many categories and subcategories as necessary and limit reimbursable expenses to the maximum amount you consider.

ICR intelligent reading

Our ICR technology recognises the date, amount and supplier fields, so it is not necessary to manually calculate the expense information.

Generation of reports

Our solution allows you to generate unlimited reports by date, by project or by custom fields. Expenses can be added from your own tab or as a block from the report in the app or with multiple selection on the website.

Automatic alerts

Captio automatically checks that each expense adheres to the company’s policy with notices ranging from checking mandatory fields to verifying the maximum amount of the expense.


Approval flows

Our solution offers expense approval flows at different levels: expense reports, advances and trips, so that the process is performed automatically.

Travel request

We have a travel module that you can integrate with your travel agency so that your team can manage their reservations directly in Captio.

Automatic bank reconciliation

Captio has a specific automatic bank reconciliation module that compares the amount, date and provider of expenses paid with corporate cards with bank movements and establishes the relationship.


Single Sign On (SSO)

Single sign-on, giving customers full control over the authorisation and authentication of hosted user accounts able to access Captio web applications or apps (iOS, Android).

Assignment of user groups

With user groups you can assign categories and payment methods to different sets of people and make block changes that affect all of them.

Common mileage rates

If there are some people in the company with different mileage rates than others, it is possible to create mileage groups.

Outside the office

To prevent flows from being blocked if someone is absent from the office, people on your team with a supervisor role will be able to choose representatives to handle their approval tasks.

Delegation of users

Functionality that allows other Captio users to temporarily assume the attributions of others to perform a task.

Cashflow user

Our tool allows to assign a user in charge of the control of entry and exit of the cash for the advances by the company.

International VAT

We work hard to comply with current VAT regulations in all countries and to adapt to your local needs.


Complement your Captio environment with additional services

VAT recovery

Recover 75% of VAT on average

Domestic and international VAT.

Recover an average €500 in VAT per employee per year.

Recover the VAT of the last 4 years.

Captio Solution Administrator

Make the best of Captio

It includes an ongoing consulting, configuration and development service, a high-quality reporting system, and extended service hours with prioritised case management.

The best service for a great product

We accompany you from implementation onwards and give you support wheneveryou need it.

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