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Partners programme

The Captio partners programe includes leading companies in industries such as finance, technology and business travel. 

This enables the benefits of expense management process automation to be combined with other services to offer a solution tailored to any situation.

Who we work with

  • telefonicatelefonica
  • stratseysstratseys
  • mastercardmastercard
  • konicakonica
  • dtm enterpriseDTM Enterprise
  • consultiaconsultia
  • halconhalcon
  • fujitsufujitsu
  • fhiosfhios
  • exeviexevi
  • conektiaconektia
  • barcelobarcelo

Programme information

With the Captio partners programme, you will have the opportunity to expand your company’s product portfolio offering the most innovative expense management solution.

Grow your business and provide new high-added-value services to your clients. You can participate in the following ways:


Include Captio in your portfolio to offer your clients the most innovative business expense management solution.


Participate in the design, planning and implementation of strategies to improve your clients’ expense management, recommending Captio.


Every company has different needs. Adapt Captio to the existing environment and systems.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

If you want to find out more about our partner programme, you can use the form below to send us your comments.