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Captio now allows paperless operation in Portugal and France

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We have some great news for you! Captio has become the first expense management platform to enable paperless operation in both Spain and Italy, and now also in France and Portugal.

Captio now allows paperless operation in Portugal and France

Our solution is adapted to the respective regulations of these four countries in terms of the digitalisation and archiving of documents. In this way, the expenses digitalised through Captio have evidentiary value vis-à-vis the French Tax Agency and the French Social Security, and vis-à-vis the Portuguese Tax Agency. This in addition, of course, to the Spanish Tax Agency and the Italian Tax Agency, as has been the case for some time. 

In other words, companies with tax base in any of these countries can now forget about having to save receipts on paper, since the photographs taken with Captio can replace them for all legal purposes.

At Captio we are continuing to work to offer you a cost management platform that is fully adaptable to the needs and peculiarities of the different regulations existing in the European market. Would you like to know more about digitalised proof in France, Portugal or any other country? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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