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Female Corporate Travellers suffer more stress

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Carol Bernard

Female Corporate Travellers are every familiar with the concept of stress. It is nothing new for professional women to have to struggle to balance work and family life on a daily basis. On top of this, if you add a business trip to their routine, the level of stress increases. We explain the issue in this post.

Female CorporateTravellers suffer more stressAre you constantly tense? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you often get headaches? Without a doubt, you are stressed. Judging by the look on your face, you are not surprised by this diagnosis. In fact, as a mother and professional, you are used to striving to get everything done in record time. Furthermore, the fact that you regularly have to travel increases the stress that you are under. This is confirmed by Captio’s 1st Report into the Personal Impact of Corporate Travel. Women display a higher perception of stress related to business trips. According to the sample analysed, 46% of men claim not to feel stressed, while, in the case of women, this figure drops to 33%. Surprisingly, the report reveals that barely 1% of the professionals surveyed, both men and women, state that they feel extremely stressed.

Nevertheless, there are factors that generate stress on business trips, particularly in relation to the variability involved in travelling, as well as having to be ready to take calls and keep an eye on emails. In short, having to combine the tasks specifically involved in the trip with the everyday work of the office is one of the key causes behind stress for corporate travellers.

In addition, 35.6% of business travellers, both men and women, believe that better management of the paperwork related to corporate travel would help to reduce the stress involved, revealing a generalized dislike of the common approaches to travel management at a company level.

What impact does corporate travel have on the traveller?

Although Corporate Travellers do not show particular concern for the stress involved in their work-related trips, according to the report, they do acknowledge that frequent business trips have an impact on their personal lives. If we compare the impact perceived by male and female professionals, their responses reveal changes that do not differ greatly.  A total of 60.34% of women state that travelling for work affects their personal lives. This figure drops to 51.15% in the case of male professionals.

However, the reasons that both groups give for their responses are similar. The impact on family relationships is the main negative factor of business trips, both for men and women. Meanwhile, women believe that corporate travel directly affects their health.

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