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From your email to Captio

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We say goodbye to the week with another new feature.

Mail Inbox is a new function that offers another way to upload receipts onto Captio. It's ideal for those cases where there's no mobile terminal that's compatible with the Captio App.

Mail Inbox

Mail Inbox provides an email address related to your Captio account. You can send an email to this address and attach photographs of receipts you've taken with your phone.

These receipts will also be classified based on the "Subject" line marked in the email. If you also want to establish a comment for the receipt, you can define this in the email's text.

To ensure that only your receipts are entered in your account, Mail Inbox will only process those arriving from the email address you use to enter Captio as a sender.

Simple, effective and available with all versions of Captio. We hope you like it. Have a great weekend!


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