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Parking expenses on business trips

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Carol Bernard

When it comes to corporate travel, the main expenses incurred are for accommodation, transport or mileage, subsistence allowances. However, this does not mean that they are the only ones. There are lots of other kinds of expense on such trips that are often not taken into account in the company’s corporate travel organization and management, or even in its travel policy. One such example is parking.

Many professionals use their own vehicle for business trips, and later submit their expense and mileage claims to the company. This includes professionals who use a company car, but have to manage the associated expenses incurred on the journey, such as fuel and parking.

Parking expenses on business trips

Currently, most companies leave it up to the discretion of their travelling professionals where to leave their car. This may result in a significant cost which, if well managed, could be reduced considerably. To do so, it is important to take this aspect into consideration at the planning stage of business trips and, if necessary, include it in the travel policy.

There are many benefits from this system. Firstly, we can choose the car park calmly, depending on our needs, rather than in a rush at the time. We may even be able to find out the opinions and recommendations of other users in many cases. Moreover, this is a way of anticipating the expense that will be incurred by the company, finding the best price and often even being able to pay in advance on the same platform. As a result, money can be saved by getting a better deal that meets the traveller’s needs more effectively, but which also saves time in terms of searching for parking and improves the management of such expenses. One option is to use car park booking platforms. There are several websites that, as well as offering the option of booking hotels and flight, also provide the same service for car parks.

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