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Smartphone security

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We have got used to depending on our mobile phones more and more. With the relentless tide of new applications, we increasingly use our phones for any ever-growing range of tasks. As a result, our smartphones are used to store more and more data about us all the time.

Have you ever stopped to think what someone who found your lost phone (or stole it) could find out about you? Your contacts, photos, calendars, access to all of the applications that you use, etc.

Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid problems in such cases.

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1. Keep your system fully updated

A basic security rule that applies to smartphones as well is keeping your system updated. This goes for both your mobile’s operating system and applications: try to ensure that you always have the latest version. If there is some type of security issue, you can be sure that they have resolved it in the most recent version.

2. Block access

Put a password on your phone to block it when not in use. If you are an Android user, you can use the typical swipe pattern offered by the system. On iPhones and other devices, you can use a conventional password to block your handset.

3. Back-up copy

Another classic tip that also applies to the world of smartphones is making back-up copies. You should routinely back up all of the data on your phone on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can synchronize the data with a service such as Googles accounts or Dropbox. You’ll be very glad you did if you should ever lose your phone.

4. Lost phones

If you should lose your smartphone, remember that, if you are an iPhone user, you have the application Find my iPhone, which enables you to track down your phone through a web application. For Android, there is Where’s My Droid, with similar functionalities, while Blackberry users have Blackberry Protect.
If it doesn’t work out and, unfortunately, you think that you have definitely lost your phone, remember that you can delete your telephone data remotely using the same applications.

Have you got any other recommendations?

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