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Captio, the definitive tool for expense report management

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Carol Bernard
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The creation and management of expense and mileage claim spreadsheets is a long and tedious process, both for corporate travellers that have to report their expenses and for supervisors that has to oversee the process. However, there is a solution that enables you to turn it into a streamlined, fast and efficient process: Captio’s software.

It all begins with an expense being generated by a business traveller. Thanks to Captio, they can take a photograph of the receipt right there and then using their smartphone, so that the software can process the document automatically. Firstly, the Optical Character Reader (OCR) extracts all of the data without the employee having to perform any manual tasks. Then, Captio saves a digital copy of the document for its inclusion in the expense management workflow. Therefore, the employee doesn’t have to worry about the receipt getting lost, damaged or smudged, etc.

Whenever they want to submit their expense report, the employee simply has to select the receipts that they want to report straight from their mobile or computer. Captio then generates the expense report automatically and sends it to the person responsible for supervising it. As simple as that!

Captio_the_definitive_tool_for_expense_and_mileage_claim_report_management.jpgAs far as the supervisor is concerned, they will not be inundated with hundreds or thousands of paper receipts sent from all of the employees, which they would then have to review, approve, record and file one by one. When they receive the expense and mileage claim spreadsheet on Captio, they have an alert system that lets them know when a receipt does not comply with the established expense policy. Reviewing hundreds of receipts and approving expense reports can be performed in just a few clicks, saving hours and hours of work.

The digitized copies of the reports and receipts are then saved on the cloud, so they do not need to be filed as they are always available easily and quickly. Moreover, integrating Captio with the company’s other systems and processes enables time and resources to be saved on other tasks such as finance and accounting, for instance.

Try Captio and discover all its benefits!

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