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Capture, classify, share - Revolutionise your receipts with Captio

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Without doubt, today is a great day. We officially present Captio, the project we've been devoted to, body and soul, for the last few months.

Captio comes from a very simple idea: making it easier to manage your expenses. With Captio, we're introducing the concept of an Expense Reduction Manager, a tool that avoids all the hassle of having to manage the paperwork involved with receipts during and after your business trips, monitoring your expenses and ensuring you're reimbursed more quickly.

You need to travel to do business. It may be a meal in the city or a week's trip to visit clients some distance away. Inevitably, expenses are incurred during these trips. Expenses that you pay for at the time but which your company will refund. To inform the company of these expenses, you have to be organised. Normally expense claims are used and very often the original receipts are also provided. A lot of paperwork if you're someone who travels a lot and a great deal of time is invested in the whole process.

Captio revolutionises the whole process. With Captio you capture your expenses, taking a photograph with your Smartphone wherever you are. You can classify them into the category you deem convenient; separate what you spend on petrol, accommodation, food or anything else. The details of the receipt are automatically interpreted and filed, totally securely, in your online Captio account.

Based on all this information, Captio generates statistics and graphs so you can analyse and monitor what you spend in each category. You have more control but, even better, you can produce your expense claims based on the receipts you've entered. If you have to report your expenses, you avoid all the hassle of having to enter the details one by one. Hours of work become just one click. Useful for you and for your company, don't you think?

Below is a brief introductory video. We hope you like it!


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