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Christmas at the company: decorate the office

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Carol Bernard

As in the streets, shops and homes, the Christmas spirit enters the company during this time of year. The formal atmosphere of the office becomes a little more relaxed. A little decoration can provide a warm and pleasant touch for workers and customers, without losing sight of the fact that this is a workplace. Decorating the office is another way of celebrating Christmas within the company.

Remember that if you suffer from Christmas fever and you cannot avoid succumbing to the urge to put up wreaths, Christmas trees, Santa Claus figurines and other Christmas paraphernalia, one detail to take into account before you start is that some companies have policies governing the circumstances and criteria for decorating their facilities. It is advisable to ensure that there are no problems before starting out. However, remember that if there are problems, you always have your own personal space to decorate. You can do wonders with a desk or cubicle.

Decorating the office can be a good opportunity to get everyone involved, if the size of the company permits. Collaborating on a fun and different task always fosters fellowship and good cheer in the office. Decorating the office at Christmas offers a lot of scope, and depending on the desire and the climate at the company it is possible to organise some very sophisticated projects. From simple decorations like the typical plastic Christmas tree up to more intricate options, here we offer you some ideas.

Christmas at the company: decorate the office

The Christmas tree
At this point perhaps we will wound the sensibilities of the more traditional among us but, in offices, it is perhaps advisable to put up a Christmas tree rather than a Nativity scene. It is more decorative and more striking. You can opt for a small or large tree, as long as it is decorated with bright colours in an original way. In addition, you can give an in-house touch to the decorations by using the corporate colours.

Decorate your computer
Who said technology has to be cold? Computers are ubiquitous in offices and on desks.Why not decorate them? Look for wallpaper and screensavers with Christmas themes to give them a personal touch and make them part of the Christmas decorations. You can also place some kind of decoration on the screen.

Decorating the office can be a good opportunity to get everyone involved, if the size of the company permits.

The desktop
Your desktop is your personal workspace.You can decorate it to your taste, with a Christmas figurine, a red candle with some decoration, etc. You have complete freedom to decorate your own workspace.

Shared spaces
Hallways, the breakfast or lunch room, windows, etc. These can be decorated by all the workers with wreaths, drawings on the windows, Christmas ornaments, etc. Everything is welcome but take care not to overload the decorations.

If the company is large and the Christmas spirit overwhelms you, you can decorate the offices by department and even set up a contest for the best decorated space out of all the departments.

Christmas carols
One possibility is to incorporate Christmas songs in the company’s piped music system. Although this should be restricted, perhaps to a waiting room at reception. Having to listen to the same songs throughout the working day could drive anyone crazy!

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