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Christmas at the company: team building activities

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Carol Bernard

A trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is for companies to use Christmas  for team building activities. There is now a wide range of activities to build camaraderie while enjoying oneself away from the work environment.

Activities involving a day away from the office, taking a trip with the workers or organising a weekend away are ideas that help to bring people closer together. Going skiing in winter or to houses in the country when the weather is better are also options. The list is a long one.

The term “team building” has become popular in recent years. Basically, it consists of a series of activities and services procured by a company, organisation, association, etc. to increase the spirit of teamwork and cooperation among the participants. The concept refers to activities that are aimed at achieving maximum collaboration among workers.

These events often take place away from the work environment, in the open air, so that activities can be performed that are totally different from those in which the employees are usually engaged. The main objective is to encourage peer relationships and reinforce the different skills offered by each worker.

Christmas at the company: team building activities

“There is a wide range of activities to build camaraderie while enjoying being away from the work environment”

The companies that organise these activities have been expanding their repertoire and, right now, there are options to suit all tastes. When choosing an activity it is essential to take into account two factors: the first is that it will be fun for all the workers (perhaps go-karting is not to everyone’s taste), and the other is to encourage some form of interaction between the workers and create some team spirit.

- Adventure activities: scavenger hunts, adventure sports, team circuit activities, raid circuits (orienteering, archery, etc.) In these types of outdoor activities, it is necessary for there to be a certain spirit of adventure within the team.

- Active leisure activities: go-karting, paintball battles, skiing, visits to theme parks, boat trips etc. These activities are more oriented toward fun and leisure, so perhaps here the concept of teamwork becomes less important, but they certainly encourage people to share experiences and create relationships outside the workplace.

- For more sedentary types: wine tastings, gourmet dinners at restaurants, cocktail tastings, etc. These are more relaxed activities which are suitable for all types of groups.
There are many agencies specialising in organising these kinds of events and in matching the activities to the company budget.

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