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Don’t waste time: 3 things to do during your flight

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Carol Bernard

Recently, we recommended three things to do in the airport to avoid wasting time when waiting for your flight on a corporate travel. Today, we are going to continue giving tips for making the most out of your time, with three suggestions of things that you can do during a flight and, by doing so, make the journey less of a pain.


This is a classic, but why not take advantage of those long hours in the air to learn something new? One great idea is to spend this time improving our level in a foreign language, or perhaps getting a taste of the language of our country of destination. There are many offline options in this respect: specialist books; tutorials and classes that you can download on to your mobile, tablet or laptop beforehand; even films in this language, with or without subtitles, that enable you to practise the target language.

As well as languages, the range of learning opportunities is almost endless: cooking, music, professional skills, etc. It all depends on each individual’s personal interests.


Spend time on fun and hobbies

With mobile devices, there is a broad spectrum of games available, so there is sure to be one to suit each traveller’s taste. However, you have to bear in mind that they must be games that can be used without an internet connection. We can even go further in this respect, with more complex games on the laptop.

Another option is spending some time on our hobbies: gardening, crafts, travel, music, etc. You can read a specialist magazine purchased in advance or at the airport, plan your next holidays, outgoings, etc., draft e-mails that you can send later when you are online, and so on.

Change your life

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Composing a song? Changing job? Moving to a new city? Certain projects remain in our heads and never progress any further due to a lack of time to mull them over, prepare them or put them into effect. The time spent on an aeroplane can be the ideal opportunity to take a break and have the perfect excuse to focus on an idea or project that we would like to develop but we never bring to fruition.

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