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Identify and produce a map of company processes

Comparison chart

In order to establish process-based management in the organization, all of the processes to be included in each of the three blocks defined earlier must be identified. Using these, a process map is drawn up to help in identifying the interactions involved with each one.

Moving on from the division of organizational processes into 3 large groups (strategic processes, operational processes and support processes), we can identify the "smaller" processes that make up each group. The best way to understand this is through an example:

"A soft drinks distribution company decides to adopt process management. To do so, it has to identify all the processes into which the company's activities will be divided in order to achieve effective management. Below are some examples of the processes that would be found in each large block”: 


The process map

Once all the processes in the company are known, the next step is to produce a process map. This can be thought of as a "large spider's web", a graphic representation of interconnected processes.

A process map might be defined as a chart or diagram that presents a global vision of the structure of the company, in which all the processes of which it is composed are represented along with their main interrelationships. To produce this map, all of the connections as well as the inputs and outputs of each process have to be known, keeping in mind that the input has targets that are set in relation to the client, and the output must meet the needs of the client in terms of the targets set.


Process maps are not the same in every case because every company adapts theirs to its own structure. They have to be clear and concise in the information they present in order to achieve their purpose. All of the processes have to feature on the map and must be connected to the processes with which they interact, where these exist. There is no need to explain every process in detail, but the map must show the groups of activities combined within each one.  

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