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Incentive travel: what results?

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Chloé Le Cornic

Many companies are reluctant to invest in an incentive travel. They often wonder about the usefulness of such a journey. Will the employees really come back with the desire to work hard? Is the incentive travel not just a waste of money at the end of the day? It is quite normal for a company to ask such questions. This article aims to present the advantages of the incentive travel, the benefits for employees, but also for the society. Focus.

incentive travel what results.jpgIncentive travel: what is it all about?

The incentive travel is a pleasure trip, offered to the employees by the company itself to reward them for their good results or to re-motivate them after a hard period of work. The incentive travel is a group trip through which the employees selected by the company are thanked for their performance.

The incentive travel acts as a "carrot". Indeed, when employees know that they will be rewarded if they reach the set objectives, they are more motivated. In this context, the incentive travel acts as a real motivational tool.

Incentive travel: different countries customs

Above all, one must know that the concept of incentive travel varies according to the country in which one lives. Indeed, the USA designs full catalogues from which employees can choose their country of destination and the program that goes with it. In India, the incentive travel only includes airfare and accommodation, nothing more.

France, Germany and the Italy favour incentive travels within their country.
In Great Britain, the incentive travel market is still in its infancy. Why? For, this travel mode is not yet really appreciated by the companies of the land of Shakespeare.

Incentive travel: benefits for employees

incentive travel what results1.jpgThe incentive travel is, among other things, an opportunity to reward employees for their good work. It is also a way to re-motivate them after a long and hard period of work. This gift makes your employees feel important and respected. The incentive travel proves that they did well. It should be noted that the incentive travel does not have to concern the whole company. Indeed, it can be aimed at a certain number of people, those who have achieved the greatest number of sales, for example.
The incentive travel also allows the employee and his / her family to better accept overtime. The work appears less like a weight for the household. The atmosphere at home is better. As a result, your employee will only be more motivated and productive.

Incentive travel: benefits for the employer

As stated above, the company benefits from employees who are more motivated thanks to the incentive travel. But this is not the only benefit for the company. Indeed, the incentive travel encourages exchanges and reinforces, creates, group cohesion. Communication between the various departments is often simplified, as professionals of each branch learn to know themselves as individuals, but also as professionals. The employees exchange on their tasks and their daily constraints, which allows the neighbouring departments to become aware of them. They are enable to make efforts to facilitate the daily life of their colleagues. As a result, the incentive travel benefits to everyone.  

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