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More flexibility with the new version of Captio

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Captio's objective is to add efficiency to this process with the digitalisation of receipts and building of a single management flow that combines reporting, supervision and expense accounting. In a continual search for innovation, Captio is launching a new version of the app after an intensive analysis of the platform's usability.

Captio - New app 4.0

The new version incorporates features that make Captio more mobile than ever, meeting the traveller's speed and agility requirements. “In the new version of the Captio app, we have once again put the focus on the user. As a result, we have managed to make reporting of expenses even easier and even more agile and efficient", Captio's CEO, Joel Vicient, stresses.

Some examples are features like the smartphoto, which serves to automatically detect the edges of the receipts and crop the image accordingly, or the immediate report approval notifications. Another new development for those whose receipts keep piling up is the new sequence capture feature, which accelerates the multiple capture process. It also improves the expense synchronisation speed. Expenses are uploaded to the system more quickly and the status changes are communicated more transparently.

Changes in the technology

Captio has chosen to generate apps for the different platforms with Xamarin Forms to achieve a 100% native user experience. This new step has significant benefits for Captio, by re-using the code whilst maintaining the necessary performance standards. According to Lluís Claramonte, Captio's CTO, “Most of our team is fluent in .NET, so using Xamarin was a natural choice for us. It enables us to escalate quickly without losing sight of the user's perspective".

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