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UK's tax advantages for companies

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Chloé Le Cornic

If creating a company turns out to be very complex in many European countries, starting an activity in the UK is particularly easy. In addition, the English entrepreneurs are well off. Indeed, the land of Shakespeare offers many advantages in terms of taxation. So why is it good to start a business at home and not elsewhere in the world? That is the question that we are going to answer to in this new article.


Uk's tax advantages: saving time and money  

uks-tax-advantages-for-companies.jpgThe first advantage of the United Kingdom lies in the time it takes to set up a company. A firm can be giving birth to in only 48 hours. A utopia for many entrepreneurs living in G20 countries that have to go through procedures that take, on average, 22 days to be finalized.

But this is only one of the many British benefits.  If your company has a Holding business, one must know that no tax will not be applied on the dividends. Interesting, isn't it?  One can just take a look at the situation of companies living across the sea to realize the privileges provided by the UK.

Many French people complain about organizations linked to the levying of social charges (eg RSI); very heavy social charges indeed which hold back many future entrepreneurs from creating their company. The business tax, which is non-existent in the UK, is also part of French companies' burdens.  Simple formalities, inexpensive accounting and legal maintenance ... These are some of the aspects that make French entrepreneurs want to create their company on our land.  

UK: taxes and duties

United Kingdom's companies are taxed by 20%. A real advantage when looking at the tax situation of other countries around the world. For your information, Argentina taxes its companies by 90% on sales revenue. This rate mounts up to 72% in Algeria, to 33% in France, to 31% in Italy, to 30% in Germany and to 29% in Greece. This major advantage is, among other things, at the origin of the important growth of our beautiful country. Indeed, this rate was 1.9% in 2014. A dream for many countries that are constantly implementing new laws to try their to boost their growth. If the unemployment rate is never low enough, the United Kingdom's is only 5%, in contrast to the neighboring countries, where this figure explodes to reach 10% in many countries of Europe.

UK: an entrepreneurial melting pot

Another benefit for UK companies lies in the mix of nationalities. Indeed, Australian, Chinese, American, Indian companies ... Come against each other every day in the United Kingdom. This diversity opens up many international business possibilities. Entrepreneurs can make partnerships, benefit from advice, grow on a global scale! Competition is certainly fiercer, but the opportunities are equally numerous! The market is very dynamic in England. Entrepreneurs who choose to invest in growth markets such as energies, biotechnologies, transportation and communication choose England without even thinking.

As you will have understood, your territory is full of advantages and opportunities of all kinds. So, no need to go elsewhere to create your company. You're already very well off! 

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