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5 great corporate event ideas

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Chloé Le Cornic

You may be tired of organizing the same dinner aperitif at every business event. Moreover, you realize that fewer and fewer collaborators are involved. In this case, look no further, it means that the time of change has come. Whether it is to improve team cohesion or to celebrate a particular event, it is your duty to propose an original evening to attract the greatest number of your collaborators. Need some ideas to innovate? That's fine, Captio's editorial team has done most of the work for you. Here are 5 great corporate events ideas.

Corporate events ideas: impress your guests

  1. 5-great-corporate-event-ideas-1.jpgThink in larger dimensions. Why not organize an Oscars ceremony to reward each of your collaborators? It is not a matter of awarding a prize to the person who has achieved the best turnover, no. The aim is to highlight the qualities of each employee. The Oscar of the most funny employee, the one of the most chic person, the one of the most awkward one... Inspire yourself from the personality of your collaborators and rely on humor to entertain your audience!

  2.  Have you ever heard of car boot sales? It is an outdoor activity where participants sell objects they no longer want. As the name implies, the activity consists in going to the back of each of the vehicles to see what is hidden there. Car boot sales are ideal to encourage contact between employees, to bring them to discover common points between each other, or even to create friendships.

  3. Chattham House Rules. Ideal for addressing sensitive topics, the Chattham House Rules meeting is about launching topics on which employees often find it difficult to express themselves. In this context, responses, in the same way as affiliations and stakeholder identities are kept anonymous. The goal is that everyone expresses himself/herself freely without fear of any retaliation. It is up to you to see in which environment and with what decors you wish to embellish your event. Do not forget: everyone must feel at ease! So why not incorporate less serious questions to relax the atmosphere?
  4. Dance competitions are generally particularly appreciated. If some of your colleagues do not know how to dance, offer them to take some classes to impress everyone on D-Day. You must know how to motivate you colleagues, even the most timid. To improve group cohesion and bring people who do not know each other to meet, you can have a name draw to form dance couples! Try to choose a dance theme that will please as many people as possible. You can also choose a theme that nobody knows, so that everyone starts at the same level!

  5. A costume party. As simple as it sounds, the evening costumed party has many virtues. Indeed, in addition to putting the participants in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, the costumes make it possible to put everyone on the same level. Forget about the hierarchical levels, problems related to the job and the hustle and bustle of the day before. Just have fun !

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