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Captio, your ally in mileage allowance management

Carol Bernard
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Mileage allowance expenses can become a real headache for the business traveller but also for the Administration Department. Find out how Captio can help you to achieve more streamlined and efficient mileage allowance management.

For employees who travel during the course of their working day, mileage allowance management forms part of their everyday routine. This task normally builds up and is dealt with at the end of the month when the employee reports their expenses, which often causes problems with the loss of receipts.

Captio_your_ally_in_mileage_allowance_management.jpgIn contrast, being equipped with a digital travel management platform such as Captio streamlines the entire management workflow with respect to mileage expenses right from the start of the process through to the final validation by the Administration Department.

Simply by capturing the receipt with a smartphone, thanks to the system’s OCR, the receipt is automatically saved on the platform’s cloud. Therefore, it is filed and ready to form part of an expense report whenever and wherever the employee wants, using the app. Moreover, as it is a travel management platform accredited by the Tax Authority, it is not necessary to keep the original paper receipt as the digital copy is valid for all legal purposes.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of supervision, Captio offers the option of setting alerts to ensure compliance with the company’s travel expense policy. As such, supervision become a much more efficient task.

Lastly, in the final stage of mileage allowance management, namely validation by the Administration Department, which involves the reimbursement of the business traveller’s expenses, Captio enhances the speed, order, control and flexibility of the process. It also enables the integration of the expense data into the company’s accounting system.

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