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How can we reduce the work involved in travel expense management?

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Reviewing receipts is a time-consuming but vital task. Therefore, it is good to have a set of tools that help to minimize the work required when it comes to reviewing travel expenses. To do so, there are resources available, such as:

  • Company cars:when issuing a car, it is not necessary to track the mileage that each employee drives. However, the high cost of the case, whether it be owned or leased, together with the price of petrol, makes it hard to restrict expenditure.
  • Company cards:if the company chooses this option, it is necessary to define very clear guidelines for their use: what they can be used to pay for, who is responsible for the card, how they should be used, etc.

  • Technology to facilitate mobility:when people are travelling, they need certain technologies to keep in contact: smartphones, tablets, etc. If the employee does not have some type of device, they can indirectly be affected as they cannot keep in touch.

  • Travel agencies: it is extremely important to weigh up the benefits of contracting an agency if there are people in our company that take long trips, as they involve a high cost. Expert advice on coordinating and managing this type of expense enables the hours of work spent by our own team in this respect to be minimized.

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