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Identifying the purchasing channel for corporate travels

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When booking corprate travels, it is important to take into account the fact that pricing conditions are not homogenous and that they can vary depending on the purchasing channel. Therefore, we have to select the most suitable one for making our booking.

We may think that using intermediaries makes the price higher, but they can also offer us a series of benefits that must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Statistics: they provide us with detailed information about corporate travel expenses and enable us to make comparisons and apply corrective measures.

  • Consolidated billing: this provides a guarantee for our company.

  • Reconciliation with payment methods: enables us to simplify the expense management and supervision.

  • Integration with the company’s systems: this facilitates the work of the company’s Finance and Human Resources departments.

  • Self-booking: this enables us to book online without leaving the setting of a traditional agency.

This leads us to conclude that we have to choose our own purchasing strategy. There is no reason for the a SME to have the same approach as a multinational’s, nor does it have to be the same between different companies of the same size but with completely different objectives and purchasing strategies.

If purchasing is not properly planned, expense optimization is put at risk.

We have to carry out a thorough analysis of the convenience of giving company users the option of making their bookings directly by using companies with an online presence or whether we want to retain control over a strategic expense item.

Nowadays, there is a broad range of option for purchasing trips and it is useful to know how to pick the most suitable channel at any given time, studying the prices and services on offer. If purchasing is not properly planned, the optimization of these corprorate travel expenses is put at risk. It may also complicate the process of drafting expense reports.

Some companies decide to establish alliances with corporate travel agencies that offer extremely useful services and have a proven track record in the sector. It is a case of striking a balance between good service and spending in line with the company’s budget.

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