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Corporate events: those mistakes that shouldn't be made

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Chloé Le Cornic

The main aim of a corporate event consists in strengthening bonds and in creating new ones among the various agents of a society. To achieve this goal, it is essential to organise a successful event that will appeal to as many people as possible. Knowing what to do in order to please your employees is a good thing, but it is equally important to know what mistakes shouldn't be made. Focus.

Corporate events: preparation, the watchword

corporate-events-those-mistakes-that-shouldnt-be-made1.jpgA corporate event requires thorough and careful preparation. With this in mind, give yourself enough time to ensure that each task is done properly. Doing things at the last minute may have unfortunate consequences on the quality of your event.

"The devil is in the detail." Yes, each element has its importance, regardless of its size. Due to lack of time, many organisers remove things from their « to do » list, which is a big mistake. Why? Because, without these small details that can seem "insignificant", your event will not have the same look, and will therefore not have the same effect on your collaborators.
Organising an event based on the company's current circumstances is of paramount importance. If time is to layoffs, loss of customers and other bad news, it seems appropriate to set up an event that will not require too much expenses. In this context, do not oblige employees to attend your event. This could have a very bad impact.
corporate-events-those-mistakes-that-shouldnt-be-made.jpgOrganising events may be one of your talents. However, one should not neglect the benefits of a professional intervention. Wanting to do everything yourself is a mistake. If you are able to carry out certain tasks from your list efficiently, stay objective: you may not have all the necessary abilities and the time to organise your event as you would like. The quality of the event must not suffer from an over-sized ego!
Not foreseeing the number of people who will be present at the event is also strongly discouraged: food and financial waste are the consequences of such a decision. Everything must be planned. If it is particularly difficult to determine the number of people that will be coming, especially when the company has many employees, it is possible to make an estimate. Pass through a sheet on which the employees who will come will put their name down on. Leave yourself a margin in case some people decide to come at the last minute.
Organizar un evento sostenible

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