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Learn to manage travel expenses with the right tools

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Carol Bernard

By using the right tools you can achieve excellence in business travel expense management and optimisation.But this requires users to know the type and options, select those that best meet the needs of each company and be properly trained in their use.

Travel expense management applications

Computer tools that improve the management of the expense reporting and monitoring circuit, automating the process and making it possible to replace paper with scanned tickets and receipts are one of the most useful and powerful types of tool.

These applications, which can be seamlessly installed on employees' smartphones or tablets, make the following possible, among other functions:

  • Take pictures of tickets and receipts.In some cases, they are legally valid.
  • Automatically detect important data through OCR systems.
  • Create, monitor and validate expense notes.
  • Integrate expenses into the company’s accounts or other management systems (ERP).

This kind of software has the huge added advantage of allowing customisation and integration with the company’s other IT systems. They can also apply the requirements of the organisation’s expense policies using automatic validation systems and alarms in case of errors or incidents, such as exceeding the limits established in per diem allowances or quantifying concepts the company does not consider as reimbursable expenses.

Learn to manage travel expenses with the right tools

Automated booking tools

Another important category in travel expense management is automated booking tools, which are very useful because they allow travellers to manage new bookings on their own in case of cancellations, delays or other unforeseen events, following the parameters set out by the company at all times.


  • They can generate new bookings while meeting company requirements.
  • Prioritisation of suppliers with whom agreements have been signed that are advantageous or include additional services that are particularly useful for the organisation.

All these tools are very useful and of proven effectiveness in corporate travel expense management. Their use significantly improves management and helps achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) by optimising resources and direct savings, while also increasing the control and visibility of this type of expense.

In order to make the most of the huge potential offered by these tools, employees should be trained properly. Although the platforms and applications are generally very intuitive, their benefits are maximised when the user's know-how is advanced.

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