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Say “yes please” to hiring a Travel Manager for your company

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Carol Bernard

When we talk about hiring a Travel Manager for your company, we are not referring to a secretary, administrative clerk or assistant engaged a few hours a day in making flight reservations for the business trips made by the workers. No, we are talking about a real Travel Manager, a true professional in the field. Why should you do it? We'll explain it now.

They may receive different titles, but a good Travel Manager is an expert in corporate travel management. This is still not a very common position in companies, despite the benefits they can provide. Their work broadly consists of:

  • Controlling corporate travel expenses
  • Managing costs optimally to try to reduce the budget
  • Analysing data and company information on travel expenses to find traveller trends and possible methods of improvement.
  • Negotiating with travel-related service providers, to get a service that is tailored to the needs of the company at minimum cost
  • Monitoring the travel policies of the company, reviewing its contents in order to propose improvements, advising business travellers about the policies, etc.
  • Creating and managing the company's business travel crisis plan , as well as security and risk management plans

 Say “yes please” to hiring a Travel Manager for your company

As you can see, it is not an easy job that just anyone with no specialist training and experience can perform efficiently. A professional Travel Manager can bring you many benefits:

  • More control over costs and budget
  • Improvement in the quality of trips, increasing the satisfaction and productivity of travellers
  • Better communication between the company and employees who are travelling
  • Implementation and control of expense policies
  • Confidence and quality in crisis management and the handling of situations that could affect the safety of workers who are travelling

With a Travel manager in the company, the improvement in company travel management is notable, resulting in better cost management and better people management. For companies above a certain size, the advantages more than make up for the additional costs involved in hiring one, don’t you think?

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