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SMEs can also save by having their travel expenses under control with Captio

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Carol Bernard

One of the main concerns of small and medium enterprises is to try to optimise resources in their business strategy. In this post we will give you a few ideas so you can manage your resources more efficiently and save.

In an SME it is vital to keep the budget in check. When it comes to budgets, major expenses usually come to mind as an obvious hole into which money drains. However, business strategy must take into account that small expenses can make a dent in the budget of any small or medium business at the end of the month. In addition, these small expenses seem insignificant at the time of reimbursement, but at the end of the month they can quickly turn into a problem.

One example of these 'petty expenses' are company travel expenses. A priori, having to deal with the mileage on a trip, a meal or a night at a hotel do not seem alarming costs for a company.But when the receipts are added together at the end of the month, it is easy to find that it is necessary to put a check on these expenses so that they do not become a major problem.In fact, mobility is a daily reality for many workers.Not only in large companies, but also in SMEs.So, one of the first steps is to automate travel expense management.

SMEs can also save by having their travel expenses under control with Captio

Therefore, a digital expense management solution can become one of your company's best allies. In fact, an online platform will let you control travel expenses from start to finish. If the worker on the move can capture the tickets from the outset and save them to the management platform cloud prepared for the expense report, the order is incorporated naturally into the expense management process. In addition a workflow is set up including the supervision and finance departments, the latter of which has the last word on the approval of expenses. Thus, greater supervision and control of expenses is achieved and they can be managed better.

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