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The best business intelligence tools

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Chloé Le Cornic

Business intelligence (BI) goes on taking an increasingly prominent place within companies. And for a good reason. Indeed, this concept of the modern era consists in gathering all the possible data that a company has before analyzing it in detail. The results of this analysis are used to assist in decision-making. To get the most out of the data that a company owns, you have to have dedicated tools; the best ones going. But, what are they? The answer to this question in this new article.

Business Intelligence tools: how can BI improve the competitiveness of your business?

the-best-business-intelligence-tools.jpgBefore setting out on the Business Intelligence adventure, it is important to know why it becomes necessary to do so. Many companies are not inclined to. Why? Because Business Intelligence and the tools that go with it are a real investment. For maximum efficiency, companies require specialized companies to design tailor-made tools or to customize existing tools to ensure that their data is analyzed correctly, in line with their overall activity.

If Business Intelligence costs money, it should be noted that the benefits that companies derive from it are substantial. Detecting unnecessary spending, finding the most consuming customer class, crossing demographics with the company's revenues and products ... These are some of the utilities of Business Intelligence. All firms have non-structured data. This information is idle money. Used constructively, especially through Business Intelligence, it can allow any company to improve its competitiveness quickly and solve problems that it did not even know existed.

Business Intelligence: What tools?

Which tools to turn to? Our editorial team has selected for you Business Intelligence tools which create unanimity. the-best-business-intelligence-tools1.jpg

1 – Yellowfin. This tool is a global tool that brings together all the data of a company on a single platform. Easy to use, the analysis tables it develops are easy to understand. The data can be accessed to via the web, the intranet of the company or via mobile. Users can also share their ideas with each other.

2 - Clear Analytics. Excel users will particularly appreciate this tool. Why? Because this tool is based on Excel. Clear Analytics brings additional features such as Version Control, reporting scheduling, administrative and sharing capabilities, auditability, and more.

3 - SAP Business Intelligence. This tool is ideal for companies who wish to have details on each realization process. Fully customizable, SAP Business Intelligence is able to meet the needs of (almost) all firms. The platform brings together all of the company's applications and reports before providing a detailed report.

4 - Captio. This tool is recommended for companies that would like to analyze their expense reports in detail: what are the biggest expenses? Is the company victim of abuse or internal fraud? Have any financial errors related to expense reports been made? Thanks to the Captio tool, firms are able to detect errors and unnecessary expenses. After analysis, they are able to make decisions aimed at getting rid of the financial gaps.

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