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The corporate traveller’s luggage: shoes, belt and other accessories

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Carol Bernard
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Packing a suitcase is often a bit of a brainteaser. We have little space to pack all of our clothing and other items that we have to take, but we have to put them in such a way as to prevent them from getting damaged or too creased. Today, we are focusing on shoes, belts and other accessories.

In a recent post, we shared some tips on packing a suit in your luggage so that it reaches your destination in the best possible condition. We also discussed how to pack shirts, blouses and tops to prevent them from getting too creased inside our suitcase. So, what do we do with our shoes? There are a necessity by they take up a lot of room and there is a risk that they will make the rest of our clothes dirty.

The answer is simple: wrap them individually. The simplest option is to put each shoe in a plastic bag, but there are also cloth bags designed specifically for the task. They can commonly be found on certain Business Class flights or large hotels. Packing them separately makes it easier to fit them with the rest of our luggage. The best position for them is along the side where the wheels are, so that they do not weigh down of the rest of your clothing, with the sole against the side of the suitcase, rather than facing inwards.The_art_of_packing_a_suitcase_for_business_trips_shoes_belt_and_other_accessories.jpg

One very handy trick is to roll up socks and place them inside the shoes. That way, we gain space and prevent our footwear from misshaping due to the weight of the clothes on top. Underwear is also useful for the task of filling gaps between our other clothing, to prevent the contents of the suitcase from moving around too much and to protect certain items. In the case of delicate underwear, the best option is to pack it in the interior pockets of the suitcase, or in the cloth bags used to protect such items in the washing machine.

With respect to ties, one way of packing them without having to fold them is to roll them up and place them inside the collar of a suit or shirt. By doing so, the two items of clothing protect each other. Belts can also be rolled up and placed inside a shoe, or may be packed unrolled around the inside of the suitcase.

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