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The corporate traveller’s luggage: the suit

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Carol Bernard
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Packing your suitcase for a pleasure trip is very different from preparing for corporate travel. In the case of business trips, we have to take more formal clothing, such as a suit. However, we also normally take a smaller suitcase and it is important that everything arrives in perfect condition. How do we manage it?

While you may not need a degree from MIT to be able to pack your corporate travel luggage effectively, there is a certain knack to ensuring that you clothes are presentable when you reach your destination. In this post, we are going to focus on one of the most important items of luggage on our business trips: the suit.

If we are not going to be away for long and we only need to take one suit, the best idea is to wear it on the journey, as it will not get any more creased sitting on an aeroplane than it would working in the office. Things get trickier though if we have to take a second suit folded up in our luggage.The_corporate_travellers_luggage_the_suit.jpg

The easiest option is to lay the jacket out face up with the arms folded on top, and then old the bottom part up so that it fits the size of the suitcase. By doing so, we will only have a single horizontal crease, which should drop out on its own as you wear it due to the weight of the jacket itself.

Another option, when the fabric is more delicate, is to turn the jacket inside out, so that the lining is on the outside, and then fold it vertically, shoulder to shoulder. The problem with this option is that we will probably have to fold the bottom part so that it fits in, so there will be two creases rather than one.

In terms of where best to put the suit, the ideal option is to put the jacket on top of the rest of the contents of your luggage, so that it less squashed. If your suitcase has a large pocket on the front, this may be a good place to pack your jacket. If not, another option is to pack the trousers folded in two, or three if they are too long, between of the rest of your stuff and the jacket in order to protect it.

In the event that the creases remain, one well-known trick is to hang the suit on a hanger in your bathroom at the hotel when you arrive, and then have a hot bath or shower. The steam will help the fibres to return to their proper place and smooth out the creases. Of course, this tip works for other items of clothing, such as shirts or dresses.

Shirts, ties, shoes, dresses and so on. We will post more advice on packing the perfect suitcase for corporate travel.

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