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6 tips for corporate travellers to minimize jet lag

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Carol Bernard
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Many people need a few days to adapt to changing time zones. This can be a problem on business trips, as corporate travellers need to arrive in good shape so that they can get straight to work, often as soon as they land. With this in mind, we offer you 6 tips that help business travellers to reduce the impact of jet lag.

  1. Sleep well before your journey.

The night before you leave, you should recharge your batteries well. If possible, you should even take a nap in the afternoon so that you do not set out on your journey already tired, because it will hard to recover.

  1. Change the time before your arrive.

Reset your mobile, tablet, watch. It is advisable to change all of the devices you use to see to check the clock to the local time at your destination during the flight or even before your board. By doing so, you will start getting used to the new time over the course of the journey.6_tips_for_corporate_travellers_to_minimize_jet_lag.jpg

  1. Rest on the aeroplane.

For long journeys on which you will spend lots of time on the aeroplane and have to deal with a bigger time difference at your destination, take advantage of your flight to get some sleep. Be prepared, with an eye mask to block out the light and earplugs, or even a cushion for your neck. Even is it just a quick nap, it will ensure that you reach your destination more rested.

  1. Drink a lot, eat little.

Tiredness causes dehydration, so drink a lot of liquids. However, avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and other drinks with caffeine that can affect your sleep cycles. In terms of food, try to maintain a light diet while you are travelling. Some studies even claim that it is best not to eat anything during the flight and wait until you arrive at your destination.

  1. Heading east, stimulate your senses in the morning.

If your trip takes you to China, India, Russia or any country to the east, it means you have to move your cycle forward. A revitalizing routine in the morning may help: a cool shower rather than a bath, a nice coffee or tea, even some morning exercise.

  1. Heading west, take a nap.

If your trip takes you to the United State, Brazil, Mexico or any country to the west, it means you have to shift your cycle back. To do so, take a nap when you arrive to recharge your batteries. However, be careful - don’t sleep for more than 20 minutes.

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